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From the desk of:  Mike Adams
Saturday, 5:49 PM

Dear Resale Rights Marketer,

Smart Internet marketers know that buying master resale rights is a shortcut to getting products on the market. In fact, did you know that Bill Gates and the Microsoft empire were built from purchasing master resale rights?

That's right - the richest man in the world bought the rights to DOS, the operating system that began the Microsoft empire.

You don't have to create a product to fill a need if you can buy the master resale rights instead. In fact, I'll bet that's why you're here, right?

I'm not going to bore you with a long sales letter that tells you things you already know.  After all, you probably already know that:

  • Most resale rights, master resale rights, and private label rights products already come with their own professionally designed marketing material
  • You can bundle master resale rights products to form viral marketing packages that will brand you and drive massive traffic to your Web site for years to come
  • You can rebrand private label products with your name, create derivative products, even claim authorship on many!
  • You can use popular resale rights products as bonuses to drive up perceived value or differentiate yourself from others selling the same thing
  • You can change the marketing approach, find new niches, and build your own brand

At Gigantic Resale Rights, you will find products with:

  • Resale Rights
  • Master Resale Rights
  • Private Label Rights
  • Giveaway or Bonus Rights
  • Personal Use Only Rights

At Gigantic Resale Rights, you will:

  • Get hot software and scripts that solve people's problems and fill their needs... so they will want to buy them from YOU!
  • Get popular and best-selling eBooks like you may have paid $20, $30, $50, even $100 for in the past... and the rights to sell them to others for those prices!
  • Get professionally designed Web templates like those selling elsewhere for $50-$70 each!

You will find products you can resell and products you can use to build your business and improve your bottom line.

Perhaps much like you, I got tired of seeing resale rights packages that sell for hundreds of dollars for just a handful of products... or worse yet, seeing resale rights products that weren't even worth wasting the disk space they would occupy!

I also got tired of poor descriptions and having to spend hours sorting through GB's of files just to figure out what the products were like and what rights I really had.

But what you really want to know is...

What kind of products will I find at Gigantic Resale Rights? And can I make money with them?


You tell me...  Here's a small sample of the products you will find at Gigantic Resale Rights:

The best way to show you what a membership in Gigantic Resale Rights is like is to let you take a sneak peak of the Gigantic Resale Rights Member's site. You can see all of the resale rights available. Then you will know exactly what you get (though we add more all the time!) and whether you can make some money!

Come on in and check us out. Kick the tires. Pop the hood and listen to the engine purr. We know you'll be impressed. More important, we know you'll be happy with the benefits you will receive. After all, you'll get thousands of dollars worth of resale rights for just pennies on the dollar. Just remember, we add more all of the time, so the membership just keeps getting better.

Here's your link for your free tour of the Gigantic Resale Rights Member's area. It opens in a new window, so you can come back here once you agree you will be getting far more than your money's worth for your small investment.

Go ahead... I'll be waiting for you.

Free tour of the Gigantic Resale Rights Member's area...

Welcome back!

Now this is when I'm supposed to tell you that if you don't order today, the price is going up, or that this is a one-time offer that's just good for today.  But you can see through those gimmicks.

Of course I can't keep this membership at this price for long - a low price actually makes it seem far less valuable than we both know it is.

And you're smart enough to realize there aren't too many investments where you can get thousands of dollars of resale rights (some even for products that will sell for a couple hundred bucks each!) - everything you just saw, and everything that will be added regularly - for just a one-time payment of $47 and then monthly payments of just $27 per month.

Why is the first month $47?  Many of the top resale rights products require a minimum price of $47.  Setting up our membership this way allows us to offer these higher quality products that others can't offer (legally at least).

Why are subsequent months only $27?  That's a good question.  My wife would probably say it's because I'm too nice.  I like having it at a price where you can make a profit even if you only make just one or two sales a month.

But I can't keep it at that price forever. To get even better products, I'll likely have to raise the price soon. Lock in your membership today, and you'll stay at this bargain price even when others pay more later!

Is there a guarantee?  No, sorry.  You can already see what you are getting, and you either believe enough in yourself that you know you can make money with these products or you don't.  There is plenty of cheap junk out there that you can buy.  This isn't one of those sites.  The people that join Gigantic Resale Rights are the ones who know what they want... the ones who seize opportunity, run with it, and never look back.  If that's what you want, you've found it.

You can cancel anytime. But you won't want to. It's just too good of a deal.  Remember, you get everything in here:

Free tour of the Gigantic Resale Rights Member's area...

If you can't make more than $27 per month with all of these Master Resale Rights, Private Label Rights, and Resale Rights, it's probably time to rethink your whole dream of making money online, isn't it?

For just pennies on the dollar, you get access to thousands of dollars worth of Resale Rights, Master Resale Rights, and Private Label Rights!

Best regards,

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